Message From Convener-

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" यात्री सुरक्षा हमारा परम धर्म।"
" कार्यस्थल पर कार्य शुरू कराने से पहले सुरक्षा सुनिश्चित करें।"

(हमारी रेलवे-हमारा भारत महान)

Passengers' Safety & Service to Nation our Prime Duty


  • First rule of Railways, “Safety” to be made 100% Full Proof.
  • Organizing SAFETY SEMINARS at various levels and occasions.
  • Sharing technical knowhow among P.Way Engineers for new technology/techniques.
  • Regular Safety Reminders/Alerts among all.
  • Regular SAFETY MANTRA.
  • Honoring those who are helpful and playing important roles to unity of P.Way Engineers.
  • Inducing Feel of UNITY and concern among 8000 P.Way Engineers.
  • Upgradation to Group-“B” Gazetted as per DOPT order.
  • To REGAIN Lost Status. In olden Days, PWay Engineers were known for High status.
  • In British rules P.Way Engineers were the last authority responsible for any mishaps on track account, but they had been given a lot of Powers even more than SHOs in Police. Need to REGAIN
  • To take back disciplinary powers.
  • To approach & convince top levels for getting the responsibilities of mishaps shared among all levels of hierarchy.
  • System of use of 14(ii) for removal be abolished.
  • Way Engineers being link between the Trackmen & administration. Efforts to make good coordination for safety.
  • Way Engineers loosing lives in serving Railway be honored as “SHAHEED” martyrs.
  • To approach & convince top bosses for getting all P.Way Engineers Insured (on railway account) for huge claim on accidental deaths/permanent disability.
  • Suitable Special pay/Allowance for all PWay Engineers due to strenuous job.
  • Ensuring Weekly off on Weekends.
  • Start more welfare activities such as financial help to needy/grieved families of those P.Way Engineers loosing lives during service.
  • To form good ARPWE Derailment Expert Committees in divisions for instant & SOS help in need.
  • Start more & more welfare activities for all, such as Water booths at roadside stations, Blood Donation Camps, Yoga, games/sports etc to reduce strain of regular work pressure.
  • And many more for good status of P.Way Engineers.