ARPWE Memorandum handed over to J.G.Mahurkar

आज उज्जैन में एनएफआईआर के महासचिव श्री जी जे माहुरकर को मिल कर ज्ञापन सौंपा। श्री माहुरकर ने भरपूर मदद करने का आश्वासन दिया।

Today Dt. 02 August, 2019, Association of Railway P.way Engineers, Memorandum handed over to J.G.Mahurkar, General Secretary WRMS at Ujjain by ARPWE Western Railway Team. At this occassion, Sh. S K Pathak, Member, ARPWE IR, Anil Roy, Member ARPWE WR and others various ARPWE members was present. They discuss about the various issue realted to Railway Working and Safety. At this time Sh. J. G. Mahurkar, General Secretary, AIREF gives the Assurance of Fully co-operation regarding P.Way Engineers.

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