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Railway Departmental Exam Question Paper Series

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This Book about the Railway Departmental Exam (Like LDCE, GDCE, Ranker and PQ Quota) Only. It consist major departmental question paper held by Various divisional railway offices in last few years. It is published as same as question held by railway.

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Publisher & Writer: Raj Verma
Edition: First
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Books Contain Following Question Paper

Paper Stream Exam Date Zone
JE/P.way PQ 05/04/2013 Bhavnagar
Sr.PWS/P.way LDCE 14/06/2013 Bhavnagar
JE/Works LDCE 25/04/2012 Bhavnagar
JE/Works PQ 30/04/2013 Bhavnagar
JE/Works LDCE 05/06/2014 Bhavnagar
Sr.PWS/P.way PQ 03/11/2012 Mysore
JE/Works LDCE   Mysore
JE/P.way LDCE 2016 SCR
Sr.PWS/P.way LDCE 13/06/2012 Secunderabad/SCR
Sr.PWS/P.way PQ 25/05/2013 NED/SCR
Sr.PWS/P.way PQ 31/05/2017 Malda/ER
JE/P.way   05/04/2013 Bhavnagar
JE/Drg PQ 23/10/2008 Jhansi/NCR
JE/P.WaY PQ 30/05/2008 Jhansi/NCR
SE/P.Way PQ 17/01/2008 Jhansi/NCR
JE/P.Way PQ 10/04/2010 Jhansi/NCR
Sr.PWS/P.Way PQ 17/08/2010 Jhansi/NCR
JE/P.Way PQ 19/01/2008 Jhansi/NCR
Sr.PWS/P.Way PQ 27/01/2013 Jhansi/NCR
Commercial Assistant PQ 17/12/2011 SWR
Commercial Assistant LDCE 12/01/2012 SWR
Section Controller LDCE 30/04/2015 SWR
Section Controller PQ 17/04/2015 SWR
Goods Guard PQ 12/06/2015 SWR
ASM LDCE 19/08/2014 SWR
ASM PQ 19/08/2014 SWR
JE/Tele LDCE 30/04/2015 SWR
JE/II/P.Way PQ 08/02/2013 SWR



This PDF Books contains Old Objective Question Papers as well as Subjective Papers of Various Divisions which insure 100% Selection in JE/P.Way Departmental Exam(LDCE & PQ Quota).

Disclaimer: Books basically published on paper as received from various railway. In any dispute then call us freely at No. 9729614092.

Note:- Only Soft Copy (Like Pdf, Docs) will be provided to Buyer.